We provide training for our products. We have standard and customized trainings.

Standard course is the best solution if  there is only one or two participants and if you only need a basic knowledge of systems.

Customized courses are our the most common training form. The course is built according to customer's needs when it will be effective. The customer-specific training is also the least expensive option when there are more than three participants.

Automation System TrainingsTraining

1) GE Fanuc-logic training (90-30- ja RXi-logics)

2) GE Proficy Cimplicity-control room training

3) Schneider Electric-training (Quantum-logics)

Measurement System Trainings

1) Introduction to hydraulic measurements

2) Basics of vibration measurements

Quality Control Trainings

1) Introduction for SPC
(SPC methods, features of ProFicient, basic use of ProFicient)

2) SPC Fundamentals
(quality tools and interpretation of analyzing, creating and editing projects in ProFicient) 

3) Training of IT department
(system management, database management, maintenance)


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