Measurement Systems

Measurement Systems

We are manufacturer of the measurement devices and solution provider of the measurement systems. We are specialized for measurements used in research, product development and maintenance applications. Our strength is small-size data acquisition systems on the field applications.

Measurement DevicesMeasurement

Our own production is focused on small size signal conditioners, compact USB data acquisition systems and miniPC’s. We supply sensors and devices for the most commonly used applications. Read more here >>

Customized Electronics

We use our expertise for implementation of measurement systems. We can create customized system platforms.
You have a good idea, we will put into action.

Mesurement Systems

Measurement systems are functional blocks. System applications are wind conditions measurements, structure tension/strain measurements and different kinds of vibration measurements.
Systems can include external measurement instruments like for example oil analyzing measurements.


Our training contents are associated with measurement devices, systems and industrial measurement technology. Read more >>



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