Software for Measurement

Software for Measurement


DASYLab software is for investigation and troubleshooting measurements. DASYLab is an application generator that is easy to use and has operations in mathematics, construction of screens, file operations and reporting. The software is a graphical and all options are as modules. Connect the modules together and make a ready application.

DASYLab is for the following systems :
· Windows 2000, with Service Pack 4
· Windows XP Pro, with Service Pack 2
· Windows Vista

DASYLab 11 is the latest version. Ask about updates from us.


FlexPro is the data analyzing and presentation software. Its capacity is like expensive software has but it is still user-friendly. Using this software is as simple as using Microsoft Excel. The size of files aren't limited and there are tens of supported file formats! FlexPro is an excellent tool for analyzing of measurements results and it is very easy to learn to use!


Labview is a tool to develop measurement program by graphical programming. Language is easy to learn and it is optimized to be efficient. LabVIEW offers possibility to build measurement programs to the massive applications that need reliability. It is the most advanced measurement software although it requires more from an user. Labview supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and some PDA devices.

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