Automation Systems

Automation Systems

CMT Engineering provides full range of automation products. Engineering as referred in our company name builds base for automation projects and installations. Expertise of different control technologies, equipments and platforms able systems to be built precisely according to the customer needs. We support our customers when they have a need for system integration, troubleshooting or need for a single automation component.

We design automation for many industrial sectors. Our main business is focused on mining, pulp and paper, medical and mechanical wood handling applications.

Project Management

Depending on scope of supply, project will have a project manager. Managers duty is to maintain communication between parties and organize all activities on plant.


System engineering and integration consist of many levels

    * Field instrumentation and cabling design
    * Hardware design
    * Software design and programming
    * Documentation
    * System training
    * Comissioning

Many companies think that all they need is a hardware and programming to put system up and running. Many cases this mindset produces functional system but will postpone system cost to future. After a while someone have to find cure when there is unknown system shutdown. We think that proper design and documentation will save money in a long term.

> Field instrumentation and cabling design

Proper field instrumentation makes difference on system functionality. Most of the new installation and special applications may require longer research to find right field devices. In some plants developing and testing of the field devices is not limited only for one project. Research and developement should be continious if applications are hazardous. We help our customers to find best solutions for their applications. Our expertise is supported with many sensor, meter and valve manufacturers. We have experience about Ex instrumentation and applications.

> Hardware design

We use AutoCad as a designing tool for our automation projects.

> Software design and programming

Every system has their own programming tools. We can supply system design for many platforms. We use Allen Bradley, Ge Fanuc, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Omron automation technology .

> Documentation

Level of documentation is one of the first stages to be defined when launching automation project. Many customer has their own requirements that specifies the documentation type. As a system designer we do the documentation as required from our customers. Proper documentation is showing remarkable part of succesful automation project.

> System training

During and after the automation projects system training is given to operators.

> Comissioning

We offer our customers automation system start-up services. Including our own projects we do comissionings for machine builders ( OEM ) applications. 

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